January/February 2018 Horoscopes by Elaine Marolakos Edelson

Astrowheellg*The sun, Pluto and Venus are in Capricorn, which solidifies dreams. Your Sun Sign is your theme. Your Rising Sign equals daily wealth, health, passion and purpose. Read both for true results.

CAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 20

January might feel restrictive if you ignore any aspect of your body, mind or Spirit. Check in with all parts daily. Big changes arrive with tighter schedules or a more rigorous agenda. Pace it. Release the need to do it all. February is a boost to your self-worth, your income and ideas about deserved abundance. Plan for the future by being practical and equally innovative. Be deliberate. The big ah-ha is coming. Meditate to make space.

AQUARIUS Jan. 21-Feb. 19

In January, you reflect on your entire life. Before you make any ardent vows for the new year, consider your goals and your physical and financial limitations. Work with your current circumstances toward an autumn harvest instead of a spring fest. February is electric! You shine with brilliant ideas but might spread yourself too thin, so recharge. Too much technology or television can shut down the brain. Exercise. Oddly, boundaries equal freedom. Who knew?

PISCES Feb. 20-March 20

You are in front of a crowd in January: family, friends, coworkers or potential financially viable or charity-based groups. You’re going to have to choose carefully and resist the urge to do everything. You transition to a new stage of life. Your revelation month is February. Counseling, meditation and private time coupled with vibrational healing (energy work, lasers, acupuncture) take you to a whole new level of awareness about consciousness. Be present. Allow. Follow your heart.

ARIES March 21-April 20

January is about the work you do (want to do) and the work that’s thrust upon you. Have clear boundaries about what you will and won’t take on. A game changer is an opportunity masked as responsibility, and it tests your talents and your mettle. February offers a chance to team up with the best or with an expert in business, technology and innovative solutions. You might also make a new alliance who you usher to the top or vice versa.

TAURUS April 21-May 21

Partnerships, publishing, higher learning and even travel focus on your career in January. But bigger is your awareness and how you can translate that into a money-making prospect. Some Bulls face litigation or huge contract negotiations. Trust that your needs are met. February shows you a remarkable contrast between struggling and optimal results when you upgrade and incorporate technology. Use metaphysical methods (astrology, vibrational healing, lasers) to amp up your vibe, then spread your gospel.

GEMINI May 22-June 21

Sadly, if elders or pets are ill, they might let go in January. Estate planning, insurance matters, profound healing, vying for a better position in new partnerships or resolutions with existing partners (marital or business) consume you. February is an exciting time that includes travel, higher studies, online advertising or promotion via tech gadgets or by conveying lofty subjects in concrete ways. Your beliefs alter every outcome so say what you mean, and mean what you say.

CANCER June 22-July 22

January is a transitional period with a spouse, clients or business cohorts. Some matters seal the deal or end contracts. Either way, see all sides, know your bottom line and find amenable terms. In February, focus on joint ventures and creating or updating online accounts. You may be eligible for new credit lines, classifications or bonuses. Using technology makes life simpler but can leave you vulnerable. Be diligent with updating passwords and firewalls.

LEO July 23-Aug. 23

Take extra good care of your health in January. See appropriate professionals to help you get back on track with bones, teeth, hormones, joints, knees, adrenals and skin. Once healed, business opportunities get serious, and you get even busier. February spotlights an important partnership. You may marry, land the big client or make peace with a competitor or ex. This month can feel fated or timely. Either way, get pro legal advice and think long term before committing.

VIRGO Aug. 24-Sept. 23

January is a sobering and organizational time regarding romance, children, creativity and problem solving. Brilliant solutions come via collaboration, especially in metaphysical or health-related circles. February helps you consider vibrational-healing methods for yourself or for clients. Science plays a big role with health, successful business and political outcomes. Think at-home studies. Ergonomics. Feng Shui. Higher technology or advanced machinery. Uber instead of rentals or couriers? Your future looks bright.

LIBRA Sept. 24-Oct. 23

January is about parental and household matters. Restructuring who you are, where you live and your responsibilities feels like you’ve got to work harder to feel at home in your skin. Breathe. Increased earnings and self-love lead to success. February offers an unexpected getaway, much-needed game night or innovative domestic solution. Too much technology, especially for children, keeps everyone awake. Temperance plus unique creativity equals a new you.

SCORPIO Oct. 24-Nov. 22

Get busy breaking down the problem, starting with your inner communication, in January. Answers come with alone time. Then brainstorm with teams (siblings) regarding limits. Patience. Redesigning a structure or process takes time. February asks you to check all wiring, electrical and fire-prevention systems. Feeling fried? Take a break. Get lost in fun fantasy: Binge-watch a show or read all day, then nap. Recreate your ideal vision of house and family.

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 23-Dec. 21

You are thinking a lot about money, your self-worth, talents and what you must give up in order to have that big thing down the road. You’re in a regenerative state. Work. Rest. Play. Repeat. Income rebounds when you allow self-care. February is your time to reinvent thoughts, write, speak and create products that offer insights, answers and entertainment. The words you use must come from the heart and sound eclectic to capture an audience.

Elaine Marolakos Edelson is a globally recognized intuitive/astrologer. Get your complimentary chart on Elaine’s website at www.astrologymojo.com or contact her at elaine@astrologymojo.com.

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