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Roasted Potato Salad

In 2015, Chris Kalinich attended a nutrition conference at Flagstaff’s Northern Arizona University that would change her life. She had been experiencing a range of health problems including fatigue, migraines and gallbladder issues and had been searching for solutions. And after learning more about plant-based eating at the conference, she decided to give it a whirl. “I started pushing certain things off my plate, introducing things I probably wasn’t getting enough of. And lo and behold, over a course of a few months, I didn’t have my issues anymore,” says Chris. “That’s what convinced me that lifestyle changes really are important. And if you feed yourself three times a day, why not give it the highest quality stuff you can?”

As a self-taught cook, she understands just how hard it can be to learn a new skill.

“I have this love and passion for nutrition and cooking. And I understand the frustration of teaching yourself how to cook,” says Chris. She officially launched her Sedona-based cooking class business Plant 2 Platter in January of 2018. She teaches virtual classes from her home kitchen. She plans to resume in-person classes when it’s safe again. Clients can book custom classes or pick from a variety of topics including “Rootimentary Essentials Online Class” and “Beyond Basics Online Class.”

A typical class goes like this: They’re usually about one-hour long. She’ll start off by giving a presentation about “flavor building” or taking the four different tastes – sour, savory or umami, salty and sweet – from different foods and building them so they complement each other. Then, she’ll highlight specific recipes like lemon miso pasta, and explain why she’s using each ingredient.

She’ll then talk about how her students can prepare a recipe in different ways. She wants to teach as many people as possible about plant-based cooking in a positive environment.

“I’ve taught people from 11 to 85, and I teach people that are on a budget and those who don’t have a budget,” say Chris. “I teach them all because I think just from where I’m at, I can relate to them. Yet I want them to enjoy it, and have it be fun.” − Teresa K. Traverse

Class prices start at $20 per person, and group classes start at $300. For more information, visit

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Check out and enjoy some of the recipes that Chris Kalinich of Plant 2 Platter® has shared with us! 

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Roasted Potato Salad


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