Grand Canyon Celebration of Art

Grand Canyon Celebration of Art

Every year, artists flock to Grand Canyon National Park to paint images of this stunning place as part of the annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art. And in a year when there’s been so much change, it’s refreshing to know that this annual event is continuing. But there will be some changes too.

As in previous years, 23 juried artists were invited to paint the South Rim from Sept. 12 to 18. Not every artist will be present at the Celebration of Art, but all of their work will be for sale. Visitors can watch the participating artists work from a safe distance. Events are included with admission to the park. It was key that this event continued. For one reason, this is the biggest fundraiser for the Grand Canyon Conservancy. The Conservancy is the nonprofit partner of the national park that funds the majority of the programming at the park.

“The second reason, though, is that intersection of art and the national parks. It is so important for people who never get to come to the parks to learn about what parks look like, what Grand Canyon might be like through art,” says Mindy Riesenberg, director of marketing and communications for the Grand Canyon Conservancy. “And the different interpretations of the art are so unique. And you can see the canyon through the eyes of so many different artists.” This year’s celebration will feature two timed paint outs where artists have a set amount of time to create a plein art painting. The first paint out is on Sept. 13 at Mather Point. The second is near the Verkamp’s Visitor Center on Sept. 18. A silent auction will take place from Sept. 4 to 20. The exhibition and sale will kick off online on Sept. 21 and wrap up on Jan. 18, 2021. If the Kolb Studio is open to the public, visitors can see the art work in person too. Visitors can book private in-person visits at the Kolb studio from Sept. 18 to Sept. 20. Above all, expect a visual treat.

“Everybody sees the canyon in a different way and at different times of day,” says Mindy. “It’s very important for us to continue to promote the expression of art.” − Teresa K. Traverse

Visit to learn more and to confirm event times and dates.

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