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Loy Canyon Trail – Located in the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness area with access to the Mogollon Rim; the Loy family used the trail to move livestock in the 1880s; 5 miles – strenuous.

Secret Canyon, David Miller, Bear Sign and Dry Creek Trails – Again, loop these trails together for a backcountry experience beneath the Mogollon Rim; the David Miller Trail is named for a Forest Service ranger who disappeared while backpacking in the area in 1998; 6.2-mile loop – strenuous.

Woods Canyon Trail – Parallels an intermittent creek into the Munds Mountain Wilderness; trailhead located at the Red Rock Visitor Information Center; 4.25 miles – easy.

Carroll Canyon and Old Post Trails – Centrally located in the middle of town with incredible views of Cathedral Rock; 4.3-mile loop – moderate to strenuous.

Schuerman Mountain Trail – A gentle alternative to crowded Doe Mountain with 360-degree views of Sedona and the Verde Valley; 1-mile – easy.

Turkey Creek Trail – Climb up to House Mountain, a dormant volcano, for surprising Red Rock Country views; popular with mountain bikers; 3.4 miles – strenuous.

Girdner Trail – Excellent hiking and mountain biking among old cottonwoods, pinyon pines, alligator junipers and dry washes; ample parking when you start the trail from Cultural Park Place; 4.5 miles – moderate.

Sedona Monthly’s Top 10 Favorite Hikes

Sedona Monthly has been hiking in Red Rock Country for more than 10 years, and we’ve explored upwards of 120 trails, many of them more than once. If that doesn’t make us experts, what does? Here are a few of our favorites. (Mileage is one way.)

Favorite Workout: Cathedral Rock Trail – strenuous; 0.7-mile

Favorite Canyon Hike: Parsons Trail in Sycamore Canyon – easy; 4 miles

Favorite Swimming Hole: Weir Trail – easy; 2.75 miles

Favorite Views: Schnebly Hill Trail – strenuous; 2.5 miles

Favorite Views Part 2: Cockscomb Butte Trail – moderate; 1.7 miles

Favorite Picnic Spot: Fay Canyon Trail – easy; 1.5 miles

Favorite Arches: Soldier Pass Arches – moderate; 1.5 miles

Favorite Hike Near Town: Jim Thompson Trail – easy; 3 miles

Favorite Long-Distance Trail: Secret Canyon Trail – moderate; 5.5 miles

Favorite Cave: Robbers’ Roost – easy; 1.5 miles

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