Happy Holidays, Sedona Style!

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‘Rustic Bling’: A New Take on The Holiday Table Centerpiece

Put a new twist on the Southwestern holiday table centerpiece this year, combining traditional elements with pieces even Generation iPod can appreciate. Annemarie Hunter, owner of The Hum­ming­­bird House, calls the latest trends “rustic bling.”

“It’s basically adding a European touch to the Santa Fe style,” she says, pointing to a cream-colored votive candle holder adorned with blue crystal beads. “Some people call it Euro-Sonoran.”

Annemarie is a big fan of candles as holiday centerpieces for their romantic glow and the cozy ambiance created by firelight. She suggests wrapping a candle in beaded garland or gold-dusted silk grape leaves.

Whatever your style, centerpieces should only be as tall as your elbow to your fist (about 10 inches) so as not to obstruct the view, and should be designed to remain on the table, even after all the food arrives.

Around your centerpiece, add unique touches to your table with beaded napkin rings and richly colored linens (use either a tablecloth or placemats, never both). Anne­marie also suggests small favors for each guest, even if it’s as simple as a small sachet or festively wrapped chocolate.

Of course, kids won’t be thrilled with potpourri, so Annemarie suggests tying candy and trinkets to a wreath and letting little ones cut their own favor, so no one goes home with an empty stomach or an empty hand.

It’s A Wrap!

Lynne Montedonico is the queen of gift wrap. Wherever she shops, she keeps an eye open for the perfect wrapping paper, ribbon and adornments. “Part of gift-giving is the love of the wrapping,” she says. “I wrap all my gifts with love.”

Here are a few of her tips for presenting gifts in a way that shows your loved ones how much you care.

Stick with a theme or color scheme when you are wrapping so your gifts match and look coordinated around the Christmas tree. Or take an extra step and choose a matching theme for your tree and gifts.

For an inexpensive but beautiful wrapping option, use brown parcel-post paper and decorate it with festive ribbons, such as green and red plaid.

Buy ornaments at post-holiday clearance sales, and save them to be the cherries on top of next year’s gifts.

Use cloth and fabric rather than plastic bows for texture and a more refined look.

Use double-sided tape for seamless wrapping.

Make sure your tissue, ribbon and gift card all match the wrapping or gift bag.

Seek out stores that specialize in gift wrap to find unique accessories and different papers.

Start wrapping early – give yourself time to make each gift a work of art.

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