The New Kids on the Block

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Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Verde Valley Justice Center Rd. off Hwy 260

On 104 acres in Camp Verde, Out of Africa offers two interactive experiences for animal and nature lovers. In the Park Serengeti, visitors ride in motorized vehicles to see giraffe, wilde­beest, antelope, zebra and other herbivores of the African plains up close. In the Park Preserve, tram riders see lions, tigers, hyena and other predators roam much as they would in the wild.

Tequa Festival Marketplace Phase III

7000 Hwy 179

The third piece of the four-phase development plan for the dining and retail complex in the shadow of the Hilton Resort and Spa is under way. Inspired by a Kiva village, the latest construction includes the “Watchtower” (the three-tiered circular structure toward the right in the above rendering) and the two-story structure called The Lodge to the left, surrounding the kiva in the center. The Phase III construction area is bordered by Hwy 179 and Ridge Trail Rd. At press time, there was no information on who might move in.

The Whaz

355 Jordan Rd.

Offering 28 computing stations with high-speed Internet connections, the Whaz brings to Sedona a technology center both for work and play. Online gamers will be slobbering over the gear: Powerful PC hardware, multiple T1 lines, and a library of software, including multiplayer options. For the business-minded, the Whaz is offering an array of services for a fee: access to professional software, digital printing, data CD burning and image scanning.

The Well Red Coyote

3190 W. Hwy 89A

Combining their love both of reading and the Southwest, Joe and Kris Neri have given Sedona a new independent bookshop. But both are also familiar with the business end of a pen: Kris is the Agatha, Anthony and Macavity Award-nominated author of “Tracy Eaton” mystery novels; Joe is a blues musician/songwriter. Watch for ongoing book-related events, and ask about their frequent buyer program.

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