Sedona Restaurants

About This Guide

These listings are a selective guide to area restaurants. All were visited anonymously, and the blurbs reflect independent judgments; no fees were paid for inclusion. Price ranges, necessarily somewhat subjective, are: Inexpensive = $10 or less, Moderate = $11-20, Expensive = $20-30, Very Expensive = $30 and up.

Camp Verde


Elegant and quiet, a room that evokes an ancient cave, this dark, intimate steak­house at Cliff Castle Casino bids to transport you a thousand years back in time. The food, however, is here and now, a 21st-century fusion of classic and innovative cuisine that’s tasty, generous, and well priced. We gasped when the main courses arrived. A 12-oz. mesquite smoked pork chop marinated in achiote dwarfed the platter it sat on. It was accompanied by a gargantuan mound of redolent garlic and Boursin-cheese-filled mashed potatoes and baby asparagus, lightly dusted in a piquant chile flavor, and a beautifully structured chicken Wellington. The chicken was masterfully sautéed with Provençal-spice-flavored vegetables, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms with a delicate flavor of olive oil, all artfully arranged inside a puff pastry shell, with Mornay sauce (and a fresh purple orchid) as an exclamation point. A dining experience marked by quality, quantity and intimacy all at the same time. Open Tuesday to Sunday, 5-9 p.m. (10 p.m., Friday and Saturday), for dinner. Reservations suggested. MC, Visa, AmEx, Disc, DC • 555 Middle Verde Rd. at Cliff Castle Casino, Camp Verde (928-567-7905) (Moderate to Expensive)

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