Jenna Vivre Plays Sedona

Jenna Vivre describes her smoky, sultry sound as indie folk or blue-eyed soul. She’s a singer-songwriter who demands that you lean forward and listen. It’s a new approach for the Colorado native, who will perform in Sedona at ChocolaTree Organic Oasis and Bar 1902 at Whole Foods Market this month. Though it’s not the first time Jenna has played in Sedona – she’s been coming here for six years – audiences might not recognize her new, intimate style. “I’m finally confident enough to play softly, which has been one of my biggest challenges as a touring musician,” says Jenna. “Trying to capture your audience can be hard in a bar where everyone just wants to dance. I’ve been choosing venues that have a demographic that I want to play to.”

Eight years ago, Jenna began singing harmonies for a country band in Denver – it was her first introduction to music and performance. Prior to that, she worked as a barn manager and horse caretaker. After playing with the band, Jenna was inspired to pick up a guitar. She quickly found that songwriting came naturally. Jenna left the horses behind and now spends most of her time touring the western part of the country with her coonhound, Reba. Sedona audiences can expect to hear Jenna’s own take on popular songs by Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Norah Jones, James Taylor and Leonard Cohen along with Jenna’s originals. (She’s currently working on her first album and hopes to have it finished within a year.)

Jenna refers to music as “the vehicle that has taken me to a place more beautiful and honest than I could have ever imagined.” She’s a big believer in allowing yourself to dream and says she’s not necessarily out there looking for a record deal but rather a connection to her audience. “My main goal is to be genuine and strong and honest and understand that everyone matters as much as I do,” says Jenna. “That’s a life goal more than a career goal. I want to surround myself with kind, supportive people and just be here, be grateful, be compassionate and take it for what it is.” Erika Ayn Finch. Photo courtesy of Jenna Vivre.

Jenna Vivre performs Nov. 2, 9 and 16 at ChocolaTree Organic Oasis (1595 W. AZ-89A in West Sedona), noon to 3 p.m., and Nov. 4 and 17 at Bar 1902 at Whole Foods Market (1420 W. AZ-89A in West Sedona), 5-7 p.m. She also performs at Pillsbury Wine Company (1012 N. Main St. in Cottonwood) on Nov. 11, 4-7 p.m. For more information, visit

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