Sedona’s Scorpion and Pyramid Trails

A view of one of the “pyramids” for which this trail is named.

This picturesque loop might be our trail system’s best-kept secret ... until now, of course.



We first became aware of the Scorpion and Pyramid trails while writing our September cover story – Jennifer Young, president of Friends of the Forest, let us in on the secret. If you like solitude mixed in with panoramic views, you’ll want to explore this area ASAP. During our morning hike, we were the only people on the trail (we were literally walking through spider webs), which gave us plenty of room to gape at the views of Cathedral Rock.

The trailhead is located behind Sedona Red Rock High School. (Scorpion Trail actually takes its name from the high school mascot.) Begin hiking on Schuerman Mountain Trail, and within 400 feet, you’ll see the sign for Scorpion Trail on your left. The trail is narrow and hugs the side of a slope, making it popular with daredevil mountain bikers as well as hikers. It provides picture-perfect views of Cathedral Rock and Courthouse Butte. As the trail winds its way through juniper trees, the views expand to include Capitol Butte and Coffee Pot Rock. After hiking 0.64 mile, you’ll see the first “pyramid” along your journey. Pyramid Trail joins Scorpion Trail 1.14 miles into your hike; turn right, walk between two trees and you’re on the trail. Pyramid Trail is a delightful addition to Sedona’s trail system. You’ll see two red rock pyramid formations, navigate your way down a rocky chute, wander through ocotillo groves and enjoy expansive views of Cathedral Rock and the banks of Oak Creek. Eventually houses and the highway come into sight, but they don’t detract from the area’s beauty.

After hiking 2.35 miles, Pyramid rejoins Scorpion. Turn left and head back the way you came (note: this section is almost entirely uphill) for a 4.4-mile round-trip hike that is big on both solitude and views – not something you find too often in our increasingly popular area.

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