Sedona’s Heroic Sandwiches

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The sandwich is having a moment. No longer defined by peanut butter and jelly and relegated to lunch boxes, chefs all over the country – and Sedona – are getting creative with everyone’s favorite portable meal. Sandwiches are being paired with wine or, in the case of one of our restaurants, best enjoyed with a steak knife. Here are 13 local eateries that have elevated the humble sandwich to hero status.



Garland’s Indian Gardens Cafe & Market

Reuben, $10

We have a couple of Reuben connoisseurs on staff, which means we’ve tried just about every single Reuben to be had in Sedona. And we always come back to the one at Garland’s Indian Gardens Cafe & Market. This sandwich features hot pastrami, melted Swiss cheese and – the cherry on top of the sundae – homemade purple sauerkraut. It’s crunchy and tangy, and it makes this sandwich something to write home about. All of the ingredients are cradled in toasted marble rye that’s topped with just the right amount of slightly sweet Russian dressing. There are plenty of creative sandwiches on the menu here, but we order the Reuben every time.

Garland’s Indian Gardens Cafe & Market, 3951 SR 89A in Oak Creek Canyon (928-282-7702)

Grapes Restaurant & Bar

Zinful Shroom, $10.79

For years now, portobello mushrooms have been a vegetarian stand-in for steak because they are toothsome and hearty. Jerome’s Grapes Restaurant & Bar (originally a telegraph and Pony Express station when it was built in the early 1900s) has perfected the portobello with its Zinful Shroom sandwich. Two massive mushrooms are splashed with red wine and baked in the oven. They are then topped with artichokes, spinach, mixed greens, tomato, red onion, and melted mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. The ‘shrooms are served open faced on grilled focaccia bread and with your choice of side: house salad, Caesar salad (winner!) or chips. Don’t even think about trying to eat this one with your hands – this sandwich requires a fork and a steak knife.

Grapes Restaurant & Bar, 111 Main St. in Jerome (928-639-8477)

Hog Wild BBQ

BBQ Inferno, $9.49

The pecan-wood-smoked meats at this Cottonwood joint are out of this world, which is why this casual, pig-themed restaurant is almost always busy. Our go-to sandwich is the BBQ Inferno. We love spicy food and find that restaurants frequently overpromise and underdeliver in the spice department. That’s not the case at Hog Wild. This piggy is hot! The sandwich is stuffed with pulled pork, beef brisket, spicy barbecue sauce, onions and jalapenos. It arrives steaming hot on a soft bun. We like the mix of textures: the tender pork, chewy brisket and crunchy onions and jalapenos. All sandwiches are served with your choice of side. Try the coleslaw or the thick sweet-potato fries.

Hog Wild BBQ, 705 N. Main St. in Cottonwood (928-639-3232) 

Oak Creek Espresso

Breakfast Ciabatta, $8.95

A sandwich for breakfast? Absolutely! Oak Creek Espresso’s revamped menu includes a breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and your choice of applewood-smoked bacon, turkey bacon or smoked ham. We are big fans of the eatery’s applewood-smoked bacon – easily some of the best bacon you’ll find in Red Rock Country. It’s thick-cut, smoky and sweet. All of those ingredients are served on a locally made, soft and floury ciabatta roll (gluten-free bread is also available) that isn’t too dense and thus too filling. The sandwich is served with a side of grapes and oranges. It has quickly become our favorite way to start the day.

Oak Creek Espresso, 6500 SR 179 in the Village of Oak Creek (928-284-5282)

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