Wendy Lippman and Max Bacon

Still searching for that perfect, Instagrammable Thanksgiving recipe to wow your friends and family? Clueless when it comes to table settings? We asked five Sedona families to share their favorite holiday recipes, set beautiful tables and talk about their Thanksgiving traditions. As it turns out, anything goes in Sedona, and that includes paper plates, high heels, kale and dinner for the family dog. Click here to download their recipes. Happy holidays!



Sage-roasted turkey and gravy and Val’s stuffing

Wendy Lippman and Max Bacon

Occupations: Wendy is the general manager and resident partner at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, and Max is an architect.
Family status: Married with one dog and one cat

How long have you lived in Sedona?
Max: 35 years. I was born in Iowa.
Wendy: I moved here in 1998 from California.

Why did you choose this recipe?
Wendy: Both recipes are an homage to my mom. The stuffing comes from her handwritten recipe while Max has modified her turkey recipe. She was the cook in the family. She passed away last October. Now Max is the chef in the family. He’s an architect and a Virgo, so he’s very meticulous.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: Hate it. Watch it every year. been there, done that.
Wendy: Watch it every year. I lived in New York, but I never saw the parade live. You have better views from the TV at home.

Can you share a favorite holiday memory?
Wendy: There was the Thanksgiving that the entire family went snowmobiling in Utah. And as a kid, I remember always getting gift certificates to Tower Records, which was the only store open on Christmas Day. My brother and I would go spend our gift certificates on records while my mom was cooking dinner.

Where is the most unusual place you’ve celebrated Thanksgiving?
Max: In Belize. It was very relaxing. I went bone fishing and Wendy spent the day reading in the sun.

What’s the largest Thanksgiving dinner you’ve hosted?
Wendy: We travel to LA a lot for Thanksgiving, and we even host there. We do all the cooking. But the largest number we’ve hosted at home was 24. There were tables everywhere. Never again!

Any tips for hosting such a large party?
Wendy: If I had my druthers, I’d have an extra body helping pour the water and clear the tables.
Max: It can be overwhelming for one or two people. By the time the last person is served, the first is finished. An extra person helps get the food out like you would in a restaurant.

How do you cope with holiday stress?
Wendy: I refuse to be stressed. By the time Christmas comes around, all of the events are done at Tlaquepaque. We start planning those events in May. So Christmas Day is my happy time. It’s casual and comfortable – not uptight.

Your golden retriever, Floyd, is part of the family. Does he get a special holiday dinner?
Wendy: Floyd always gets a bit of the goodness.

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