Hike Sedona: Hog Heaven

The Crimson Cliffs as seen from Hog Heaven Trail.

One of the newer hikes in the Red Rock Country trail system offers scenic pools, picnic spots and plenty of wow moments.



If you read our March 2015 cover story, you know the growing popularity of mountain biking in Sedona has led to the adoption of new trails by Coconino National Forest. One of our recent discoveries is a series of routes known as the “hogs trails” in the Broken Arrow area of town. The trails officially opened late last spring after a volunteer coalition of hikers, bikers and equestrians performed hours of trail maintenance. We thank them for their effort because the result is one of the prettiest hikes in Red Rock Country.

Begin your hike at the Broken Arrow Trailhead. You’ll hike Broken Arrow Trail for 0.22 mile before you reach the intersection of Broken Arrow and Twin Buttes Trail. Turn right on Twin Buttes and head uphill. You’ll continue through a forest of twisted junipers and large boulders before you come to the junction of Twin Buttes and Hog Heaven. Turn right again, and you are now on Hog Heaven Trail. You’ll traverse a stunning patch of slick rock with views of the Crimson Cliffs and Wilson Mountain, Sedona’s highest peak. This area would be an ideal picnic location.

Since this trail is a loop, take time to look over your shoulder every now and again. After hiking 1.3 miles, look behind you for views of Submarine Rock, which just barely rises above a sea of evergreens. You’ll pass a series of pools, which were filled to the brim during our hike thanks to a recent rainstorm, and get up close and personal with red rock buttes not visible from the road. Hiking in this direction, Hog Heaven is downhill most of the way, making this an easy jaunt. Uptown Sedona and the trees lining the banks of Oak Creek come into view, and 1.95 miles from the trailhead, you’ll reach the intersection of Hog Heaven and Hog Wash. Turn right and stay on Hog Heaven, which meets up with Peccary Trail in another 0.6 mile. We turned left on Peccary for a brief detour that took us to Sedona Community Cemetery. Explore at your leisure and then head back to Hog Wash. The trail loops back around to Broken Arrow. Turn left on Broken Arrow and return to the trailhead for a 3.65-mile round-trip hike (including the cemetery detour). Here’s a shout out to the forest service and volunteers who made this trail possible. It’s a new favorite.

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