The Best Hot Dogs in Sedona

Hot dogs are the new hamburgers. Check out these 10 northern Arizona eateries that serve up the best wieners. Also, get the inside scoop on Red Rocks Oktoberfest.



Every dog has its day, and for northern Arizona, that day has come. When you’re in the mood for a hot dog – whether it’s a basic wiener with mustard or more exotic toppings (think seaweed or hummus) – check out one of these 10 hot spots. Then make plans to attend the Rotary Club of Sedona Red Rocks’ second annual Red Rocks Oktoberfest on Oct. 25 where you better believe bratwurst (and beer) will be on the menu. Just be prepared to wake up on Oct. 26 and reach for the hair of the dog that bit you…

Black Cow Cafe

World’s Best Hot Dog: $5

What does an ice cream shop have in common with hot dogs? Those in the know learned long ago that Black Cow Cafe serves up one of the tastiest hot dogs in Sedona in addition to homemade ice cream and sweet treats. When Uptown is busy, it’s not unusual for the tiny eatery to run out (sometimes by 1 p.m.). Black Cow’s World’s Best Hot Dog ingeniously substitutes the hot dog bun with a crusty French baguette. Black Cow hollows out the center of the roll and stuffs it with a steamed frankfurter and your choice of mustard, ketchup or relish. The dog is served with chips. It might be one of the least messy hot dogs you’ve ever had; its portability makes it a great meal to enjoy while wandering Uptown. And with all that bread, it’s one of the most filling hot dogs, too. We’ve been known to share one of these. If you have any room left over for dessert, try the homemade ice cream or the out-of-this-world apple pie.

Black Cow Cafe, 229 N. SR 89A in Uptown Sedona (928-203-9868)

The Haunted Hamburger

Big Dog 1/4 lb.: $5.99; with chili and cheese, $6.99

If you like your hot dogs two-fisted, dig (into) this: Order the Big Dog 1/4 lb. and pony up a buck extra for chili-and-cheese toppings, both of which are piled on so thick you can barely see the frank inside the lightly toasted bun. Then, after your dog’s been unleashed by your server, walk it over to the condiment bar to become master of your wiener domain by piling on fresh toppings like onions, lettuce, mustard and ketchup. Give it the works, then get ready to eat this baby with a knife and fork; try picking it up, and you run the risk of coating your bling with your grub. For a side, the steak fries here are outstanding, but this time we went all out with the smooth and cheesy twice-baked potato. Wash it all down with a mason jar of ice tea and high-in-the-sky Jerome seems a little bit closer to heaven than it did before. – Joe McNeill

The Haunted Hamburger, 410 Clark St., Jerome (928-634-0554)

Hog Wild BBQ

Chicago-Style Hot Dog: $4.49

Open since 2006, Hog Wild BBQ is known for its pulled-pork sandwiches and baby back ribs. The smoker in the parking lot doesn’t belie the restaurant’s other specialty: treats from the Windy City. That’s right, this Cottonwood eatery offers up Italian beef sandwiches, Italian sausage sandwiches and Chicago-style hot dogs. The dogs are made from Vienna Beef wieners and topped with mustard, onion, relish, a pickle, tomatoes, celery salt and the coup de grâce: spicy peppers. And for those who are really hungry, Hog Wild offers two Chicago hot dogs for $6.99. The dogs come with a choice of sides – we love the garlic fries.

As you might expect from the name, Hog Wild is decked out in pig paraphernalia with a mural depicting Chicago painted on the back wall. Shelves of trophies from barbecue competitions and tables covered with ads from local businesses add to the no-frills vibe. During the fall, we love to eat out on the pet-friendly patio.

Hog Wild BBQ, 705 N. Main St. in Cottonwood (928-639-3232)

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