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Hot Rock

Sedona is lucky enough to have several cool music venues, but when the days grow longer, nothing beats the outdoor stage at Martini Bar (1350 W. SR 89A in Old Marketplace; 928-282-9288). While the bar typically has entertainment seven nights a week (open-mic night and karaoke every Sunday and Monday, respectively), we love the outdoor stage, which hosts performers every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday during the summer. Arrive early to grab one of the few tables, order sushi from the adjacent Szechuan Chinese Restaurant and choose from more than three-dozen different martinis from Martini Bar. Then sit back and let the music play. Guitar virtuoso Eric Miller performs every Friday night in July and August. Generally, there is no cover charge. Visit for a full entertainment schedule.

Hot Sauced

There’s no spot in Sedona quite like L’Auberge de Sedona (301 L’Auberge Lane in Uptown; 928-282-1661) when it comes to enjoying drinks with friends. At this time of the year, we make a beeline for the creek-side terrace with its comfy chairs and fire pits nestled under the lush cottonwood and sycamore trees. With Oak Creek at your feet, the air is redolent with the smell of flowers, and mallards float in the water nearby.

The cocktail du jour at L’Auberge is the Spring Blossom Vesper: Hendrick’s Gin, Stoli vodka, St. Germain liqueur and cucumber. It’s served in a Riedel martini glass. The drink is refreshing and summery without being too sweet, and it complements the elegant surroundings. Once you settle in, you’ll never want to leave.

Hot Sauna

It seems everyone in Sedona is either starting a cleanse, in the middle of a cleanse or finishing a cleanse. Meet Julie George, Nm.D., of Sunstone Natural Health (95 Soldier Pass Road in West Sedona; 928-239-9181), who created the Sedona Cleanse along with Jessica Hayman, N.D. The two-, seven- and 14-day cleanses incorporate lab tests, toxin removal, and wellness and nutritional counseling, all under Julie and Jessica’s watchful eyes. If you can’t commit to the full program, consider signing up for Far Infrared Sauna treatments, which are an affordable $20 per session. The one-person sauna is crafted out of basswood, and it’s completely toxin-free. For 30 minutes, relax in the sauna, which is typically set at 115 to 125 degrees (health club saunas hover around 180 degrees). The sauna’s radiant energy penetrates the body’s tissues to remove toxins, increase metabolism and blood circulation, and improve immune function.

“These saunas have been studied in Japan and Germany, and they have been proven to pull heavy metals out of the body,” says Julie, who studied in Tempe and has lived in Sedona since last fall. “They have been using them in Finland for decades, and they are gaining in popularity in this country thanks to the support of personalities like Dr. Oz. It’s a great way to detox.” For more info, visit

Hot Organic Eats

Foodies Daniel Slavov and Silviya Slavova own a handful of restaurants in their native Bulgaria, and they have high expectations when it comes to dining out. The husband-and-wife duo opened The Field (1370 SR 89A in Old Marketplace in West Sedona; 928-282-5777) organic eatery this spring after living in Sedona for three years. The restaurant’s motto is “conscious cuisine:” all of the fruits, veggies, eggs and milk are organic, and the grass-fed meat is free of hormones and antibiotics. (The couple also sources locally whenever possible.) Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Field’s menu has a Mediterranean vibe and includes soups, sandwiches, salads and small plates meant to be shared with friends. The restaurant also serves wine, beer and cocktails.

The interior of the eatery is modern and inviting with poppy-colored walls, a community table crafted out of wood and metal pipes, grass planters, bundles of wood, pillar candles and modern white dinnerware. The restaurant is located in the same spots as the former Heart of Sedona coffeehouse and Pita Fresh restaurant; if it’s a quick coffee and muffin that you want, the eatery has a coffee bar in addition to table service.

“We wanted to do something nice for Sedona,” says Silviya, who still spends several months each year in Bulgaria. “We wanted to give back to the community because we have felt so good living here.”

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