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Dream Power

Dream analysis may seem like a branch of psychology, but when your analyst also happens to be an intuitive, then you have something unique to Sedona. Cynthia Richmond grew up in Southern California and boasts a master’s degree in clinical psychology, but she’s experienced meaningful and powerful dreams her entire life. As a behavioral therapist, she incorporated dream analysis in her practice. She wrote a column on dreams for The Los Angeles Times and The Arizona Republic, and she’s spoken about the topic with just about every talk show host imaginable, from Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil to Anderson Cooper and Bill Maher. (She also hosted her own daily, live television program, State of Mind, on an early incarnation of MSNBC.) She’s the author of several books including Dream Power, How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life (Simon & Schuster, 2000). In other words, if you’re going to talk to someone about your nocturnal visions, Cynthia is the person.

“Dreams are the barometer to your emotional and mental health,” says Cynthia, who has lived in Sedona since 2003. “Dream counseling can help you remember your dreams, teach you how to journal your dreams and help you discover the meaning behind nightmares. I had a businessman as a client who used his dreams to make business decisions. Salvador Dali painted his dreams, and Paul McCartney dreamed the lyrics for Yesterday. Dreams can be quite powerful.”

Cynthia teaches workshops, makes appearances at parties and meets with clients one on one to discuss their dreaming habits. Her next workshop, The Art of Dream Interpretation, takes place Dec. 14 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the World Research Foundation (41 Bell Rock Plaza in the Village of Oak Creek). She says the five most common dream themes are falling, flying, being naked in public, losing teeth and being back in school where you aren’t prepared for a test, you’ve forgotten your locker combination, etc. But many clients want to discuss the concept of recurring dreams. “A recurring dream is like an email that you didn’t open,” she says. “Your subconscious will continue to send you a message until you understand the meaning. That’s why it’s helpful to journal your dreams along with your daily life.”

And what about nightmares? “We often don’t want to remember those, but they are some of our most important dreams,” she says. “Our subconscious uses imagery that’s vivid to get our attention.”

So what’s it all about?

In another life, Cynthia would still be on television. She has a way of paying attention to her clients and really homing in on their words. During my analysis, we met at a local restaurant where we discussed several of my recurring dreams. Cynthia asked questions and interpreted the meaning behind each dream. But it’s about more than that. Cynthia says once you understand your dream, you need to apply its meaning to your life. That’s where her intuition and therapy background comes into play.

Cynthia’s thoughts on Dec. 21, 2012: “We’ll all still be here on Dec. 22 [laughs]. We’re shifting into the Aquarian age, which has its own rules and focus. We will all open up our intuition to be able to communicate telepathically with each other and with Spirit. We’re entering into an age of great awareness, kindness and compassion. War and aggression will no longer satisfy us. We’ll begin to think creatively about resolving conflict.”

Dream Power (928-830-9933)

Free Soul Vortex Tours

If you are looking for a vortex tour that involves drums and chanting, Pete Sanders and Free Soul Vortex Tours might not be for you. Pete graduated with honors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he majored in biomedical chemistry and minored in brain science and, as you might expect, his approach to vortexes is mostly based in science. While living in Southern California and pursuing independent research on human potential, Pete became fed up with what he calls “more energy abuse than you can imagine” (translation: fraudulent practitioners). In 1980, after meditating on Bell Rock, Pete relocated to Sedona and founded Free Soul, a nonprofit mind and body education program that allows for both science and faith to enter into the equation. He’s the author of Scientific Vortex Information (Free Soul Publishing, 1981), one of the most straightforward vortex books you’ll read. Pete also leads vortex tours that last anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours.

“A vortex is an enhanced energy site that helps you tap into other dimensions,” says Pete, who is also a former Naval officer. “There are a lot of labels surrounding vortexes – masculine, feminine, magnetic – but many of those labels are symbolic, not literal. There is no difference in the magnetic field surrounding these locations than any other location.”

Pete labels vortexes based on the direction of energy flow at the site: upflow and inflow vortexes. Upflow sites such as Bell Rock and Airport Mesa (where Pete leads the majority of his tours) help us soar into other dimensions and accomplish physical goals. These sites are typically found atop mountains and mesas. Inflow sites include canyons and caves; these spots allow us to go inward to heal hurts from the past. Pete gives Red Rock Crossing as an example of an inflow vortex. While there are vortex sites all over the world, Pete says most are inaccessible.

“Sedona’s vortexes are ideal for a number of reasons,” says Pete. “The elevation is accessible; there are different types of vortexes in the same area; and our low population means there is less psychic pollution. The colors are also important. Red and orange are neurostimulants, and the mind associates the color green with hope and renewal. For those reasons, we are living in the premier spiritual site in America.”

So what’s it all about?

Pete walks with a cane because he has had no cartilage in his knee since 1967, yet he leads tours to the top of Airport Mesa regularly, a feat he attributes to the healing power of vortexes. During our tour, he gave us an overview on vortexes and then led us on a short hike to the top of the mesa where the energy is strongest. Along the hike, we were encouraged to focus on directing energy to parts of our body we wanted to heal or improve. Once on top of the mesa, Pete led the group in a soul-shift meditation designed to release tension and recharge the body. He allows time for the group to explore the mesa top on their own to “scoop up Sedona’s energy and send it somewhere or to someone.”

Pete’s thoughts on Dec. 21, 2012: “All of my intuitive senses say there’s no danger around this date. That being said, I believe in using all transformative times to go within to re-affirm the soul’s purpose and re-examine where we are going next. This is a perfect time to go to the vortexes for reflective contemplation.”

Free Soul Vortex Tours (928-282-4312)

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