Let’s Get (Meta)physical

Astro-Intuitive Channel Elaine Marolakos Edelson writes Sedona Monthly’s horoscopes.

On the eve of the end of the Mayan calendar, we take a look inside Sedona’s New Age community.



For years, Sedona Monthly has shied away from giving too much ink to Sedona’s New Age community for two reasons. One, it’s been done by local and international media. And two, there are more shady characters in the community than anyone cares to admit. But with all the hoopla surrounding Dec. 21, 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar, we decided it was time to explore the metaphysical side of Red Rock Country. There are enough aspects of our spiritual community for multiple stories, so we narrowed it down to vortexes, psychics, astrology, dream analysis and UFOs. Each representative of his or her field also shares their predictions for Dec. 21. (Breathe a sigh of relief: No one said a word about a zombie apocalypse.)

It’s worth noting that three of our five experts (Pete Sanders, Nirup Barnum and Kim Carlsberg) are members of the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association, an affinity group of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. Formed in 2004, SMSA not only promotes metaphysical businesses, it also seeks out credible members. Learn more at www.sedonaspiritual.com.

Astro-Intuitive Channel Elaine Marolakos Edelson

When Elaine Marolakos Edelson was 11 and living in New Jersey, she was sitting at the kitchen table with her aunt who was reading a book about astrology. For the fun of it, the two created a chart, and that’s when Elaine had an epiphany. All of her life, right before she fell asleep, she had had visions of an astrological wheel, but she had never been able to articulate what she saw until she drew the chart with her aunt. This started her on the path of marrying her intuitive channeling abilities with astrology. Elaine took an introduction to astrology course in Sedona in 1984, and she has lived in Red Rock Country since 2001. (Elaine writes Sedona Monthly’s horoscopes.)

“I thought I was crazy all of my life,” says Elaine, a former graphic designer for Nabisco. “When I was little, I thought what I saw was magic. As I got older, I realized people were not talking about what I was seeing. I didn’t understand how to express myself, so I projected this idea of perfection – that everything was okay. That all began to unravel when I was in my mid-20s.”

Elaine uses her intuition along with planetary placement to give readings that last about one hour. She prefers to do readings via telephone so neither she nor her client are distracted by physical energy. She also channels “angels” who deliver messages to her clients. “Angels aren’t what people think – they aren’t religious beings,” she says. “They are an intuitive race that supports divine energy. They are spirit beings that have personalities like we do, but they don’t have gender.”

Elaine says anyone can ask angels for what they need in life by simply saying, “Please show me a clear, healthy, calm sign about…(fill in the blank).” But neither planets nor angels can force a person to do something. “We live in cooperation with the cosmos – we are pure conscious love that has the power of choice,” she says. “When the planets make a move, you feel it, and when you make a move, the planets show it. Everything in life is a clue as to why we are here, who we are and where we are going.”

So what’s it all about?

Before my phone astrology reading, all Elaine knew about me was my full name and birth date, time and place. She created my astrological chart, and then proceeded to shed light on past lives, my purpose in this lifetime and what the future might have in store. It was an otherworldly experience with Elaine touching on past years that were significant in my life (how could she have known that I first visited Sedona in 2000?). Elaine says she does not remember sessions once they are finished and she has returned to this plane, but she does email a recording of the session for clients to review, which is quite helpful because it took me several days to wrap my mind around the experience.

Elaine’s thoughts on Dec. 21, 2012: “A lot of people think the world is going to end, but it’s just the end of the Mayan calendar and the end of a pattern. It’s the beginning of intentional creation. What you believe is what you will create. The vibrations are powerful right now, and they will help us move along.”

Elaine Marolakos Edelson (928-284-3716)

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