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Napoleon Dynamite at Yavapai Restaurant at Enchantment Resort

Trust Yavapai Restaurant at Enchantment Resort to turn dessert into an exquisite work of art. Rick Griggs, who relocated from Texas in July to work as Enchantment’s pastry chef, debuted the Napoleon Dynamite in August, and the dessert is so beautiful that we had to admire it for a few moments before digging in. Caramelized white-chocolate semifreddo (translation: frozen mousse) is stacked between two palmier-like cinnamon crisps. The tiny tower is surrounded with a compote made from dried peaches, dried figs, dried apricots and jalapeño. It’s all topped off with white-chocolate shavings. The double-stacked presentation makes this an easy dessert for two diners to share.

The Napoleon Dynamite is made fresh daily and assembled to order. The variety of ingredients gives it a complex flavor and texture. All at once, it’s cool, creamy and crunchy; the mousse is very rich, but the tartness of the fruit cuts the sweetness of the white chocolate so that it’s not too cloying. The subtle heat of the jalapeño adds the perfect finish and reminds you that you’re in the Southwest. “It has all the right elements,” says Rick, who has been a pastry chef since 1990 and confesses that he has a sweet tooth. “It’s become quite popular.”

Yavapai Restaurant, 525 Boynton Canyon Road at Enchantment Resort in West Sedona (928-204-6000)

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