Sweet Eats

Pastel de Elote at Elote Café.

Got food on the brain this month? So do we, but we’re not talking turkey. Indulge your sweet tooth with 10 of our favorite high-desert desserts.



The staff at Sedona Monthly have one big thing in common: We each have a ginormous sweet tooth. When we started putting together our list of favorite local desserts, our mouths began to water collectively, and our list quickly blossomed. Sedona, it seems, has no shortage of sweet eats. All of these desserts are made in-house (with the exception of one that we loved so desperately we shed a tear at the thought of leaving it out), so you might want to call the restaurant in advance to make sure it’s available at the time of your visit. Ten pounds and ten desserts later, here are the best ways to satiate a sugar craving in Red Rock Country.

Tiramisu at Belgian Jennie’s Bordello Bistro & Pizzeria

Sharon Pitts will tell you there are “12 million zillion” different recipes for tiramisu, and we’ll take her word for it. After all, Sharon co-owns Belgian Jennie’s Bordello Bistro & Pizzeria in Jerome with her husband Tom (Tom is Sedona Monthly’s wine columnist) and has traveled to Italy countless times. She has indulged in plenty of tiramisu. Her recipe comes from friends who live in Tuscany.

Right off the bat, you know Sharon’s tiramisu is not your usual Italian dessert. For starters, it’s served in a chilled glass mug. First you savor spoonfuls of whipped cream, cocoa powder and a filling made from mascarpone cheese, Marsala wine, Kahlua, sugar and a “secret ingredient.” Then your spoon strikes gold when you discover the crunchy ladyfingers soaked in coffee (not espresso) about halfway into the glass. This dessert is extremely rich; one glass is more than enough for two people, especially after dining on Tom’s Italian cuisine. Sharon’s masterpiece frequently sells out, so plan accordingly.

Belgian Jennie’s Bordello Bistro & Pizzeria, 412 Main St. in Jerome (928-639-3141)

Chocolate Eruption Cake at Dan’s Bistro

Confession: When we first conceptualized this story, we felt that all of the desserts we chose needed to be homemade. And then we discovered that one of our favorite ways to indulge our chocolate obsession, the Chocolate Eruption Cake at Dan’s Bistro, is the only dessert Executive Chef Dan Martin does not make in-house. We struggled with the dilemma (over a slice of cake) but decided we couldn’t, in good conscience, leave the legendary concoction out of the story.

The cake has been on Dan’s menu since the bistro opened in November 2010. He removed it once – just once – and literally had a customer yell at him in the middle of the dining room. The cake consists of a chocolate cookie crust (so moist it’s practically cake) and chocolate mousse infused with cheesecake and chocolate chunks. The towering slice of cake is finished with chocolate and caramel sauces, sliced almonds and hunks of thickly shaved chocolate. White-and-dark-chocolate cigars crisscross either side of the cake, and a strawberry is served on the side. Surely now you understand our conundrum…and why we caved. Yes, we share this dessert, but here’s a little secret: We could probably devour one of these all on our own.

Dan’s Bistro, 1650 W. SR 89A in West Sedona (928-282-0744)

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