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Red Rock Basket Studios

Shirley Eichten Albrecht has her hands full working as the gallery director for the Sedona Arts Center Gallery, but she still finds the time to create her baskets using rattan dyed at her home studio as well as exotic materials you wouldn’t normally associate with baskets such as gourds, ceramics, antlers, beads, geodes, feathers and natural fibers. Shirley, who has lived in Sedona since 2001, has been weaving baskets for 20 years. While living in St. Louis, she attended a weaver’s guild sale with a group of friends – they left convinced they could create their own baskets and began working out of Shirley’s basement. Shirley taught basket weaving in St. Louis and continues to teach at SAC, but she also finds time to take classes in weaving and ceramics. “My work has morphed a few times – I’m always challenging myself,” she says. “I can’t do mundane.” Each basket is one-of-a-kind, signed and numbered.

Red Rock Basket Studios by Shirley Eichten Albrecht

Available at Sedona Arts Center Gallery (15 Art Barn Rd. in Uptown; 928-282-3809), Enchantment Resort (525 Boynton Canyon Rd.; 928-282-2900) and at Shirley’s studio by appointment (928-284-1375;
Price Range: $25 – $1,400
The ideal gift for… The discerning eye that understands baskets aren’t always for storage

Merlina Wooden Sculptures and Vessels

In the winter months, Steve Hallmark and Robin Herman can be found in the ponderosa pine forests in northern Arizona, gathering pine trees felled because of the bark beetle infestation that’s been ravaging western forests. The couple brings the trees back to their Sedona studio to create wood sculptures and vessels unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Each vessel is inlaid with vintage glass or semiprecious stones; dyed; and then sanded, buffed and polished to create such a smooth surface you’d swear they were created from glass. The kicker: Steve and Robin have only been doing this for two years, and the pieces are selling as fast as they are created. Each vessel averages 18 inches in height, though the duo recently completed a commissioned piece that was 4 feet tall. “The wood is touchy, organic and has a life of its own,” says Steve. “It’s not like working with anything stable. Sometimes a piece is done over and over – 50 steps over and over – so that it comes out just right.” Robin says working with wood that otherwise has no real use makes the art even more special. “Nothing takes to our process like these pines,” she says. “We’re giving these trees a second chance.”

Merlina wooden sculptures and vessels by Steve Hallmark and Robin Herman
Available at or by calling Steve and Robin’s studio at 928-202-9338
Price Range: $3,000 – $10,000
The ideal gift for… The person who’s passionate about sustainability and fabulous art

The Sedona Table

Back in November of 2006, Sedona Monthly ran a cover story about local resort restaurants. We were determined to prove that Sedona’s culinary scene was on the cusp of becoming the Next Big Thing. Before we knew it, Three Forks Press, an imprint of Globe Pequot, approached us about writing a cookbook featuring Sedona’s top chefs. In March, The Sedona Table officially made its debut. The 192-page coffee-table book features 12 restaurants, 14 chefs and 60 recipes. Recipes run the gamut from breakfast and lunch to appetizers, dinner and dessert. Some are easier to pull together than others. All are accompanied by beautiful color photography. Spotlighted restaurants include Yavapai Restaurant at Enchantment Resort, Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits, L’Auberge on Oak Creek and The Grille at ShadowRock. Each chef also lets readers in on a few tricks of the trade.

The Sedona Table by Erika Ayn Finch, photography by Deb Weinkauff
Available at The Well Red Coyote (3190 W. SR 89A in West Sedona; 928-282-2284); Worm Book & Music Store (6645 SR 179 in the Village of Oak Creek; 928-282-3471) or nationally at Barnes & Noble bookstores and
Price: $25
The ideal gift for… Anyone who loves great food, good wine, stunning photography and Red Rock Country

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