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Premier Bed & Breakfasts of Sedona

More 15 years ago, a group of B&B owners got together to form a guild in order to better market their properties. Today, Premier Bed & Breakfasts of Sedona has 17 members and Larry Galisky, owner of A Territorial House, serves as chairman. Premier Bed & Breakfasts has a comprehensive Web site where you can check availability at member properties and search for locations that have hot tubs, host weddings or allow children, among other criteria.

Guild members are allowed a maximum of 16 rooms and they must serve breakfast, have private bathrooms and a common gathering room, and submit to quality inspections. The organization takes pride in the quality of the members – you won’t find anyone associated with Premier Bed & Breakfasts who’s renting out their attic or back bedroom.

Larry says members don’t feel they are in competition with each other because each property is so different in character. “You have properties with 16 rooms and with two rooms,” he says. “You have others that are Western, adobe or on a golf course. We like to say we’re actually 135 different rooms and one establishment.”

With so many lodging options in Sedona, why would someone choose a bed and breakfast over a resort or hotel? “I think it’s the warmth and advice you get from the owners,” says Larry. “It’s the shared experience with the other guests. All the rooms are different and, of course, it’s the extraordinary breakfast. We’re not talking Denny’s – our meals are always memorable.”

For information about Premier Bed & Breakfasts of Sedona, visit or call 1-800-915-4442.

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