Sedona Film Festival 2009

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When did the independent film movement begin?
Thirty years ago all movies were made in studios. You had United Artists, which was a group of movie people making their own films so they were kind of the first indie company. Indies are just that because the filmmakers have to raise the money, shop for distributors and do it all themselves rather than having a studio take care of everything. The industry changes so quickly and I think we’ll start seeing more indies in theaters. As DVD technology improves it will be easier to put film on DVD and there won’t be the expense of shipping film cans.

Was last year your first visit to Sedona?
Yes and it’s a beautiful spot – one of the most beautiful on earth. The Sedona Film Festival is wonderful. I didn’t get to see any movies last year but I’m hoping I’ll be able to this year.

Jane Seymour: Waiting for Forever

Actress, artist and dancer Jane Seymour has been a familiar face around Sedona in the past several months; she signed on as spokesperson for Camp Soaring Eagle, a camp for seriously ill children near the Village of Oak Creek, last September and in November she attended the Sedona Gallery Association’s Red Rock Canvas event, displaying her original paintings and signing books at El Prado By The Creek. Jane and her husband, actor and director James Keach, have a history with Sedona, so it makes sense they would present a sneak preview of their most recent joint project, Waiting for Forever, opening night, Feb. 24, of the Sedona International Film Festival (Jane co-produced and co-directed the film with James). The evening is officially being referred to as Seymour/Keach Night – four theaters will show Jane Seymour-related films, including The Auteur with Jane’s daughter, Katherine Flynn, and Numb, a short film made by Jane’s son, Sean Flynn. Jane and James will speak after each movie. Waiting for Forever was still in production when Jane sat down with Sedona Monthly so she wasn’t able to reveal too many details but she did talk to Sedona Monthly about Red Rock Country.

Sedona Monthly: You met your husband, James Keach, while filming in Arizona. Tell us about that.
Jane Seymour: We were actually filming Sunstroke in Scottsdale in the early 1990s. On the weekends James and I would come up to Sedona. We climbed the rocks, soaking it all up. I think we took a million photos and bought art and jewelry. I remember driving up here and when we finally got to Sedona I just couldn’t believe it existed.

Tell me about your involvement in Waiting for Forever.
James and I are producing and directing. It has a wonderful cast – Rachel Bilson, Tom Sturridge, and Blythe Danner. It’s a beautiful romance and we’ve been filming in Utah.

You and James have worked on quite a few movies together.
We have so many films – we made a documentary on the world’s water crisis, which was partially filmed up on the Navajo Nation. We also made Disease of the Wind about the initiative to wipe out measles in Africa [winner of the Audience Award Best Documentary at the Dallas Film Festival – ed.] and Blind Dating about a young man who’s born blind and finds true love.

What are you currently working on?
I did Dear Prudence for the Hallmark Channel and it was so successful we’re working on two sequels. I’ve also been signed to six episodes of a very popular TV series I can’t mention right now. In between I’m doing art shows and, of course, raising my children.

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