Glittering Surprises!


Objets d’art are everywhere in fashion this season, from antique French lace and Italian crystal buttons to handpainted scarves and vintage velvet trim. Perhaps the easiest way to update your look and express yourself (not to mention feel like a queen) comes in your choice of jewelry, whether it be a funky thrift store costume necklace or a Harry Winston diamond bracelet. That’s why we focused this year’s Sedona Monthly fashion spotlight on a sampling of the beautiful baubles around town. Those who live and visit Sedona are lucky when it comes to searching for our inner bling – our galleries and boutiques are overflowing with everything from Native American pawn pieces tarnished with age to flawless gemstones sparkling in glass cases. As you’ll see on the following pages, there’s no need to traipse into the big city for breakfast at Tiffany’s – relax in the red rocks and look like a million bucks.

Text by Erika Ayn Finch. Photographs by Deb Weinkauff. Styling and art direction by Lynne Montedonico. Makeup and hair by Rachel Maratea/Senior Makeup Artist, Amara Spa. Earth Art by Marcela Panasiti. Model: The Agency Arizona. Special thanks to Amara Spa and Melissa Siet, Spa Director.

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