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Even in a field as fickle as fashion, some things are timeless. For our fourth annual summer fashion special, Sedona Monthly celebrates the resurgence of glamour in 2006 styles. On the following pages, you’ll see dramatic gowns from Escada – the 30-year-old German designer with clients including Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Geena Davis, and Carrie Underwood – against the backdrop of some classic Sedona locations with a timeless beauty of their own.

These dresses are “all about old Hollywood glamour,” says Cynthia Srednicki, spokeswoman for Escada USA. “We are returning to ultra-feminine looks that use exquisite materials and only the finest in lace and beads.”

Escada designers work under the direction of Brian Rennie in Munich. The Escada gowns seen on these pages and others are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Escada boutiques such as the one in Phoenix at the Arizona Biltmore Fashion Park (2550 E. Camelback Rd., 602-224-0336).

Even in the casual Southwest, Srednicki says, women are finding a place for gowns in their wardrobe.

“A woman who’s reached a certain point in her life wants a few gowns in her collection,” she says. “She wants to open her closet and see clothes fit for any occasion, whether it be a luncheon, an evening event, or a night at the movies.”

So, is glamour going to be hot this Sedona summer? Judging by the photos on the following pages, the forecast looks very inviting.

Text by Erika Ayn Finch. Photographs by Deb Weinkauff. Stylist: Lynne Montedonico. Makeup and hair: Liz Margin. Model: Ford/Robert Black Agency. Dresses courtesy of Escada (800-869-8424; www.escada.com)

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