Wow! Summer Style!

Going swimming? When temperatures hit the 90s, Sedona seeks ­maximum cool by the water, whether it’s at Oak Creek, the community pool, or  the local resorts. But by the looks of the women’s swimsuits being featured at Sedona’s local shops this season, you won’t even need to get wet to make a splash.

Florals and playful designs with lots of color mark the coolest selections on the racks this summer. Two of the suits you’ll see on the following pages were designed right here in Sedona by Ondie of Ondie Towne USA. Note that her suits are meant for landlubbers at poolside rather than diving into the deep end – the bustieres are made of leather.

Text by Steven Korn. Photographs by Deb Weinkauff. Makeup by Caren Day/Creator of Magic Faces. Styling by Lynne Montedonico. Models: Ford/Robert Black Agency.

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