How We See Us


It starts at sunrise. From the folks who make deliveries, to those getting ready for the day’s first customers, to those who just lean back and take it all in before revving their engines, a Sedona morning has a distinct feel and tone, of beauty and anticipation. It certainly seems to feed the sense of purpose that carries through the day for those we photographed pursuing their passions here. We didn’t witness much patience for drudgery – the surroundings seem to work against it. What we saw through our lens is a sense of creativity, vitality and spirit, which lasts until the lock is turned behind the last customer stepping into the moonlight. What follows is a series of images that represent the activity of a random Sedona day. We hope you’ll see yourself in it, even if you’re not literally in the frame.

Text by Steven Korn. Photographs by Deb Weinkauff.

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