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Many a bride draped a colorful shawl over her shoulders, which could be recycled later to wear at christenings, social gatherings or even as an extra blanket in winter.

Now, of course, brides demand style and beauty in their nuptial gowns.

Candace Walters of Victorian Cowgirl says that today’s Sedona bride favors a “fit and flair” style, “one that comes in at the waist, then moves away from the body at the waist. That style suits most figures.”

The Photographer

Capturing a moment in time is harder than it looks, so think twice before asking a relative with a disposable camera to photograph your wedding. It only happens once; it takes skill, experience and a professional eye to capture your memories.

What does Sedona photographer Katrina Wallace look for when she peers through the lens? “First and foremost are the emotions.” she says. “There is something pure and beautiful about a bride and groom on their wedding day.

“My favorite wedding images are those that capture moments like the excitement in the eyes of the bride and the gentle touch of the groom’s hand on his bride’s waist. Those types of images are unique to each couple. They can not be copied like a pose.

“My favorite moment at weddings is the look a bride and her father share during their dance. So much can be expressed with just the looks in their eyes.”

The Music

No matter how much you like it yourself, it would be a major breach of etiquette for a bride to walk down the aisle to the strains of, say, “Mule Train” (even if it was the only No. 1 hit from a Sedona film, 1950’s Singing Guns). After the Bridal March, however, today’s couples have a lot more leeway than in years past.

Professional planners recommend choosing music that is loose, danceable and upbeat; blues and Zydeco have grown more popular in recent years. Keep in mind that disco is truly dead; on the other hand, it would be kind of cool to walk into a reception hall and see KC and the Sun­shine Band in the house…

The Big Day

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate the day, as long as it’s what you want! Locals Kate Bosman and Dale Jankowski will have an intimate friends and family church wedding on May 17 with a small family get-together afterward; others that same day will be marrying not only a soulmate, but years of monthly loan payments.

So what? It’s your day; one you want to still leave you misty-eyed when reminiscing on your 50th anniversary. So have fun, be romantic and best of luck to you – and when will we be seeing some kids, huh?


The Sedona-Oak Creek Chamber of Commerce (928-282-7722)

National Forest Permits (928-282-4119)

Flowers: Mountain High Flowers (928-203-4211)

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