Sedona's Latest and Greatest

Sedona Restaurant: Hideaway House

It’s not an understatement to say that more than a few people shed a tear when The Hideaway restaurant, a Sedona institution, shut its doors earlier this year. Lucky for us, the space received a major…

"Winter Light" by Caroline Linscott (detail).

Adonai Christian Fine Art Gallery in Sedona

If the concept of a Christian art gallery is new to you, you’re not alone. Watercolorist and Prescott resident Caroline Linscott, one of the gallery’s three main artists, says she’s frequently told there’s nothing like it…

Green Light performs at Vino Di Sedona.

Live Music in Sedona: Green Light

If you live in Sedona long enough, you learn that fate isn’t something to joke about. It’s also the only phenomenon that can explain rock band Green Light. Tommy Acosta and Chicky Brooklyn (nee Hyman Abramchick)…