Sedona's Latest and Greatest

Eat Out in Sedona: Firecreek Coffee

It’s hard not to love an eatery that hands you a plastic toy – usually a menacing-looking tiger or rhino – as a table marker. You have a smile on your face even before you pick…

Vibrant Grand Canyon by Greg Heil.

Sedona Art: James Ratliff Gallery

When James Ratliff enlisted in the Army in 1962, he was asked for his occupation. He told his superiors that he was an artist, so they put him to work painting the walls of the barracks….


Sedona Singer Adalia Tara

If you’ve lived in Sedona for very long, you know this town has a way of embracing some newcomers while giving others the boot. Singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist Adalia Tara falls into the former category….